"A new Financial System
rooted on the eternal laws of mathematics,
not in a perpetual power struggle"

Takashi Nakamoto

BloomBeans is a decentralized blockchain structure featuring its own currency, markets, and an array of financial products designed for contemporary use.

While Bitcoin introduced the world to a decentralized currency and acts primarily as a store of value, BloomBeans aims to usher in a holistic decentralized Financial System.

Bean bean

The official currency of the BloomBeans system is called BEAN

The system will be launched in
2024 with an initial supply
of 1,000,000 BEAN.

  • Total Supply: A maximum of 21.000 million BEAN coins will ever be created. Reaching this cap will be a slow process spanning several centuries as the financial products minted by users continues to pay out rewards in BEAN currency.
  • Interest Rate Dynamics: The higher the interest rate the bigger the BloomBeans financial product rewards. The BloomBeans system starts with a 20% yearly interest rate. However, this rate decreases by 0.1%each time a milestone in total amount of BEAN Coins is reached.

This means rewards will be slowly reducing over time and the system will be stabilizing to slowly approach its goal of 21 Billion BEAN coins. This mechanism ensures flexibility based on demand and stabilizes the system to allow a centuries long lasting rewards schedule.

For more details,refer to Figure 1

figure 1

Crypto Financial Assets

CFAs are the first fully decentralized financial assets on the blockchain.

These instruments are similar to bonds or shares, they can be traded, used as collateral for a loan or simply used to obtain profits, just like any other financial product.



Users choose an amount of BEAN that will be the "Principal" invested and also a "Period of Time". Product profits will depend on the System Interest Rate available at the time of the CFA creation.



Upon minting a CFA, the "Principal" invested is blocked for the full "Period of Time" chosen. At the same time, all coins due as payment during or at the end of the "Period of Time" are created and placed in a pool. These coins are released to the CFA holder when time is due. This method ensures every CFA will always be able to pay its scheduled amount of BEAN.


Total Amount of Coins

Every BEAN in the pool plus all the BEAN available in the market constitutes the Total Amount of BEAN Coins created. The amount of coins is always growing. Every time a new milestone in the amount of Total Coins is reached the Interest Rate is reduced 0,1% .
For more details, refer to Figure 1.


Varieties of CFAs

Users can mint any number of CFAs they want. Further to the above mentioned five primary categories of products there are several sub-products within each category. Each type of CFA can be personalized modifying different properties such as the period of time, payment terms, payment shape, and more.

Currency Supply
& Interest Dynamics

The growth of BEAN currency is a direct reflection of its utility to the users.

If users find value in the system and engage their assets for longer durations, BEAN's currency supply will rise more quickly, and interest rates will drop faster.

This decline in interest rates stabilizes the system’s growth.

The system is designed is this way in order to ensure profitability for all users during the centuries-long life expectancy of BloomBeans. However, there will always be more profit for users who commit to the system earlier and for a longer period of time.

Monetary policy

The official currency of the BloomBeans system is called BEAN


BloomBeans financial system works like any other economic system: is an incentive system based in rewards.

BloomBeans these rewards are given to users who believe the most and have long time preference. In this way Bloombeans promotes savings instead of debt, promotes wise investment instead of consumerism, rewards long term thinking instead of short term gratification.

Savings not only increases your wealth but also offers protection against the BEAN currency volatility which, on its early stages, is expected to be high.

Understanding Inflation

Inflation is the growth of the money supply. In today's financial system a priviledged group (such as money lenders and states) are the major beneficiaries from all the new money created through inflation. The consequences are suffered by the general populace, with a continuous increase in product and services prices.

Those extreme levels of power concentration are translated in corruption and power struggle which leads to media manipulation, social control, increasing taxation and authoritarianism.

BloomBeans's Approach to Inflation

In BloomBeans, inflation is not a detriment but rather a healthy growth model and an opportunity for profit for every user based on his level of comitment.

Here, EVERYONE has the right to create money based on their level of commitment. The longer you commit your principal, and the longer you hold your rewards, the more profit is generated for you as an asset owner. This new money is created under transparent and equitable rules.

BloomBeans's Unique Inflation Policy

In BloomBeans, the initial Interest Rate is 20% per year.This is inflation that you, as a participant, can enjoy.

Even though the inflation rate may seem high, it is designed to keep pace with users growth, economic expansion and the gradual wealth transfer from traditional to new financial systems.

The BloomBeans Financial Sytem isdesigned for its users to increase wealth,for its currency BEAN to retain value and for its growth system to gain stability during its centuries long live expectancy.

Value Proposition

Starting with a yearly 20% interest rate BloomBeans offers impossible to match profits for users. How is that possible?

A completely decentralized, automatic, immutable system brings enormous advantages compared to a traditional financial system.

The advantages listed below will, over time, boost its usage among institutions and individuals and will produce a wealth transfer effect from the old system to the new.

Minimal Running Express

An average of 80/90% of corporate financial profits goes to pay for running expenses.

These expenses are estimated to be, only for the 100 most important banks of the world, arround $3,5 Trillion annualy.

If we include State Pension systems, all the tens of thousands of Commercial Banks, Savings and Loan Associations, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds and Asset Management Firms, BloomBeans could be saving TENS OF TRILLIONS of dollars annualy.

Bloom and Beans

In BloomBeans all these centralized financial expenses will become users profit.

The institutions most afected by the costs reduction of an automatic, math-based decentralized financial system are: State Pension systems, Commercial Banks, Savings and Loan Associations, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds and Asset Management Firms

The expenses reduced are difficult to quantify but are inmense and include: Huge financial buildings, personnel costs, security, technology and software, regulatory and compliance costs, marketing and advertising, taxes, insurance, operational costs...

Asset Protection

Owning BloomBeans assets provides complete control over them.

In a world where authoritarianism has risen to new heights and civil liberties have gone to an unbearable low, decentralized cryptocurrencies are most important than ever.

Bloombeans financial assets are permissionless, transactions are instant, markets are global and open 24/7, transaction costs are minimal.

In BloomBeans you don't need to fill documents or comply to restrictive laws you are protected against asset seizure like Bail-In Laws or Bank Bankruptcy Laws. You are protected against abusive taxation schemes that sustain corruption, surveillance and media propaganda.

BloomBeans is designed to give complete Soveriegnty for individuals and institutions over today's out of control corporate and state lack of respect of the basic human rights.

Few Billion New Users

Bloom and Beans

Bringing 3 billion new users into the world economy via BloomBeans financial assets will bring new heights of wellbeing to the global population.

Financial democratization and increased capital formation will spur economic growth, costs reduction and tecnological innovation.

Greater financial inclusion could alleviate income inequality and stimulate global economic activity. Plus can reduce dependency on external entities.

Decentralization of finance will result in a paradigm shift akin to the internet's impact on information access.


The extreme bad reputation of todays financial systems comes from the complete corruption derived from a centralized incentive system. That is an enormous burden on economy.

Decentralized blockchain economy leads to a culture of financial transparency on institutions that eliminates corruption expenses, increases trust in leadership and boost countries economies.

Capital Democratization

Capital access has traditionally been restricted to a relatively small number of people or organizations with substantial financial resources or connections.

BloomBeans can catalyze economic growth in many ways:

Easier Access to Start-up Capital

Barriers to capital will be lower, that will allow a more diverse range of entrepreneurs to launch businesses.

Crowdfunding & Peer-to-Peer Lending

These are direct outcomes of democratized capital, allowing regular people to participate in investment activities traditionally reserved for venture capitalists or large financial institutions.

Accelerates Innovation

With more people having access to capital, a wider range of ideas get the chance to be implemented, creating a more innovative and dynamic business landscape.

Economic Inclusion

With more people having access to capital, a wider range of ideas get the chance to be implemented, creating a more innovative and dynamic business landscape.


These are direct outcomes of democratized capital, allowing regular people to participate in investment activities traditionally reserved for venture capitalists or large financial institutions.

Financial Education

With more people involved in financial activities, there is a greater incentive for widespread financial education, which is beneficial to individual and collective economic decision-making.

Retail Investment in Public Markets

Barriers to capital will be lower, that will allow a more diverse range of entrepreneurs to launch businesses.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Decentralized blockchain products currently address only the portion of the economy that can be fully digitized.

At present, they do not encompass goods and services that are physically based and require a central authority to confirm ownership or the validity of transactions, such as mortgages, which are financial products tied toa real asset, like a house.

Nonetheless, BloomBeans' financial products offer a wide range of use cases for both private and public institutions, as well as for the general public.

Use Cases

BloomBeans offers a wide range of applications for individuals, businesses and governments.

Institutional Use Cases

BloomBeans full suite of financial products is ideally suited for use by institutions and governments.

Its batch creation feature enables users to quickly generate tens of thousands of identical products in a single transaction, which can then be assigned to beneficiaries.

Corporate Use Cases

Diversifying away from an increasingly fragile traditional economy towards the one that will replace it can be both advantageous and profitable.

It brings to the corporate culture greater independence from public and financial institutions, cost-effectiveness, and high level of financial versatility and product customization. Although traditional systems may phase out slowly, beginning the transition early can help to gradually adapt.

Individual usercases

Investing in pioneering and revolutionary cryptocurrencies has often been very profitable, as demonstrated by the success of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

BloomBeans decentraliced Financial System has reshaped traditional banking products to offer its users numerous advantages. While cryptocurrencies involve significant risks due to high price fluctuations, BloomBeans's long-term investment products are designed to mitigate this disadvantage.




Decentralized versions of the traditional Bank Certificate of Deposit. There are 2 products to in this category:

  1. In this particular Crypto Financial Asset (CFA), a user commits a specific Principal amount P in BEAN currency. The user selects a duration for this product n , ranging from 1 to 30 years.

    This CFA is designed to accrue compound interest monthly on the principal amount. This interest calculation is based on the current Monthly Interest Rate, represented as r.

    The formula for calculating the final amount PX is as follows: PX = P * ((1 + r) ^ 12n)

    It's important to note that during the chosen period, withdrawing profits in BEAN currency is not allowed. However, the Savings Account CFA can be traded or utilized as collateral when securing a Loan.
  2. graph


Similar to a rent or a pasive income product, there are 2 types of Income Stream CFAs:



This is a combination of a SAVINGS ACCOUNT and an INCOME product. Users can select an initial amount of BEAN to invest. This amount grows through compounding and, upon completion, provides a steady passive income at the same interest rate (profit) as initially applied.



BloomBeans presents a unique solution for fully decentralized insurance through a compound interest product. This offering encourages users to retain their investment for an extended period and withdraw funds only when absolutely necessary.

1. Complete Access to Funds:

Through an Insurance CFA, users enjoy total control over their investment. They can withdraw any amount of BEAN, at any time and as frequently as they wish, from both the principal amount invested and any accrued compound profits.

3. Restriction on Reinvestment:

Users have the freedom to withdraw funds but are unable to reinvest additional amounts. The remaining BEAN will continue to compound until the fixed Insurance Life period of 30-year concludes.

2. Incentivizing Minimal Withdrawals:

While users can access their funds at will, the CFA product is designed to motivate users to leave their BEAN untouched. By maintaining their investment, users benefit from continuous compounding over a 30-year period, resulting in significant rewards.

4. Diverse Options for Compounding:

The product offers five different levels of compounding, based on the user's commitment and patience. The frequency of compounding and the ammount of interest granted varies, impacting the potential profit.



System Loans are accessible by using any BloomBeans Crypto Financial Asset (CFA) as collateral. These loans are distributed in BEAN currency.

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